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Alexander Graf

Podcast Host, Author, and E-commerce Entrepreneur 

Alex is a visionary within the world of commerce. 
He has more than 20 years of experience analyzing business trends and providing valuable insights to business leaders through his articles and books, including the industry benchmark, The E-Commerce Book which has become a standard work in the retail industry and at universities. 

Alex is a regular speaker at the industry’s biggest commerce and technology events, Alex also runs a successful German-speaking blog and podcast called Kassenzone. Alex has co-founded several digital economy companies, including Spryker, a leading B2B commerce platform, Etribes, Europe’s leading Amazon agency Factor A, and Hamburg born AboutYou.

Alexander Graf, Host of Commerce Talks and Spryker Founder & Co-CEO

#1 Commerce Podcast


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#1 Commerce 


Join e-commerce expert Alexander Graf and his special guests on the industry-leading Commerce Talks podcast. Alex looks at the hottest topics in digital commerce, exploring what they mean, why they are important, and where to prioritize them in your own digital commerce journey.

Listen in for a special edition of Commerce Talks as we partner with Seamless Saudi Arabia, taking place November 2-3. European e-commerce expert Alex Graf will conduct pre and live podcast interviews direct from the event, capturing the insight of Middle Eastern commerce leaders.